Meta Titles not showing up in Google Search results - pls help

Hi, I'm a writer, not a dev. But hopefully someone can help me. I look after the content for Prismic site that offers business stories. I've noticed that when I search for particular stories in Google, 90% of the time, the stories come up but the meta title/title in Google search is just the name of the website - not the name of the story/content piece.

For example, instead of '5 easy ways to improve your email marketing' (the page title and meta title), it's just coming up with the name of the website (eg Joe's blog). This is problematic as it's hugely impacting our discoverability in search.

Please could someone suggest what I should do?
Thank you!

Hello Anna, welcome to the Community forum!

If you already have designated fields to use as the metadata of each page, then the next best approach would be to add schema markup to the code. This Improves your website's SEO and helps search engines crawl and display your site on their results page:

Read our dedicated guide to learn how to do this: Add Schema Markup in your Pages

Thanks so much - I'll reach out to our devs.
Can I check though - is it most likely a dev issue and not something I'm doing wrong when writing the titles etc?


Most probably, yes, it's something related to the front-end code of your project. So reaching out to your dev team is the best thing you can do, and let them know if you'd like to implement the Schema Markup so they can know where to add it.

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