Server Error on Website

I made some significant changes to my website two days ago through Prismic, and now when anyone tries to go on the site it shows a Server Error.

I am wondering how to fix this to get it up and running again?

I am also new to Prismic and am having some trouble navigating it. Are there any demos or comprehensive trainings online?

Hello @sbrady, thanks for reaching out.

This error can happen for many reasons. Have you checked the logs on your deployment platform?
Or maybe something in the setup isn't right, like a missing access token.

Have you tried running the project in development again? It's always good to test things locally before deploying to check everything's right.

We have a lot of resources that can help you understand Prismic better. For example, on our YouTube channel, there you can browse videos that showcase basic Prismic features:

You can also look at the core concepts section of the docs. In there, we have articles that explain the main features of your repository and concepts about content modeling, technologies, and more:

Hi @Pau, How do I check the logs on the deployment platform? I just started using Prismic so really don't know my way around. Also not sure what running the project in development means, so any step by step instructions would be much appreciated!

Deployment services are the place where you upload your site. For example, Vercel or Netlify.

In your case, I believe you'll need to request help from the developer in charge of your project. These errors aren't directly related to Prismic but rather to how your site is configured in the front-end.