URGENT 🚨 Error: Unexpected status code [429]

Hello team,

I got a weird message when I was trying to release this afternoon.

Release env: Amplify, Nuxt2

Error: Unexpected status code [429] on URL https://luko.prismic.io/api/v2?access_token=...

I don't know why the error comes out all of sudden, could anyone help to identify the issue?
Our release is blocked and need your help asap.

Are you using the cdn of your endpoint?

@Pau Hello!

I just checked my endpoint, it is correctly set as cdn endpoint (https://luko.cdn.prismic.io/api/v2). I don't know why it shows like that on log like that...

I can recommend you check for all the places where you use the endpoint, the log indicates that the CDN isn't being used.

Ah I got it. It caused by sm.json.
I don't know why it update non cdn address when I re install slice machine...


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