Unexpected status code [429] on URL


I hope you can help me with a error I suddenly is getting all the time

Unexpected status code [429] on URL https://xxx.cdn.prismic.io/api/v2/documents/search?integrationFieldsRef=xxx~3386f404-52b4-4cd9-a8f6-8dd94c1038c8&page=1&pageSize=1&after=X_y5GRAAACcAGkJT&orderings=[document.last_publication_date%20desc]&ref=YNRFQxMAACEA_yvN&q=[[at(document.type%2C%20"projects")][at(my.projects.related_section%2C%20"XlZFIREAACQAnvOs")][at(my.projects.related_category%2C%20"XleuCxAAACIAhqns")]]

I have made a custom integration field that outputs data to youtube videos. Is that whats is causing the problem?

We're also suddenly getting this error a bunch in production (we're not using any particular custom fields etc though). The response doesn't seem to contain any rate limit headers though?

I found this thread API sending 429 error - #11 by samlittlefair and noticed we weren't using the CDN, but we're still getting 429 errors even after updating to use it ...

We are too! We are using the CDN though so didn't expect this.

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry to see this is happening I'm investigating this for you now and will get some info for you ASAP.


OK, I got some info:

We had some issues on the API of some repositories (clients were seeing a 429) : the rate limit configuration was activated on the reverse proxy stack of the APIDB.
We removed it since we are ratelimiting at the first entry level.

So this should be fixed for you now. Let me know if you see any further errors.

Thanks! @Phil works for me now.

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