Setting up a Repository for a Client

As a developer, I’d like to be able to set up Prismic repositories for clients based on their particular needs and, when completing development on their site, transfer their Prismic repository over to them. Is there a system in place to allow for this functionality?

In other words, is there a way that I could set up a repository for a client where my access (to set everything up initially) wouldn’t ultimately count as a “user” in their repository plan?

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Hey Patrick,

Absolutely, it’s easy for you as a developer to work on your client’s project in a Prismic repository, then once you’re done, you can transfer the ownership of the repo over to your client (remember they need to have a Prismic account in order to access it).

If you’re on a paid plan, you can do this by heading to the Settings/Users tab of your repository, you’ll find a Transfer Ownership button at the bottom of the page. To transfer ownership of a Free repository you have to go through the support chat.

For more details about this you can read our related user-guide.



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Excellent - thank you Adrien! My apologies for missing that article when I was searching

No worries! Glad it helped, feel free to reach out if you have any more questions

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