Setting up generic form steps

I'm fairly new to using CMS's and Prismic. I'm looking to set up a generic, reusable step-through wizard and I'm wondering if the way I'm thinking of setting it up with Prismic is doable:

Each step, and the number of steps, will be different based on who is using the model, so I was thinking the user should be able to add blank step pages. Then on each step page, they can add any form fields they'd like. So, for example, they may want the first step to have some text inputs and a radio group, and the next step to have a checklist, etc. Would it be possible to set something up like this in Prismic?

The plan is to use React to build the site.

Hello @mitchelsarauer, thanks for reaching out.

There are many ways you can approach this. I'm thinking you can create a Wizard Custom Type with Tabs. The tabs would work as the steps to follow. You can add as many as you need for editors to choose how many they need to use.

Then the Slices will give you the freedom to create all types of fields necessary for the wizard form. For example, the text input would be a Slice with a Rich Text field, the radio group can be a Slice with an Embed field, and the checklist can be a Slice with a Key Text field and a Boolean field to create the checklist.

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