Setup PDP (Product Detail Page)

Hi there,

I'm looking for some advice on architecting en setting up Integration Fields PDP page in a headless ecommerce site. Do you advice to write a new product detail page online the content in prismic and the slugs naming like /product-x-title/ -> with the intergration field we have some data there and use that data for add to cart en options or do you use for that section a graphql direct to BigCommerce or Shopify

And what you doing with category pages, direct from ecommerce platform with graphql and rest of content from prismic slice or also graphql?


Hello @nonasties, there are many ways to configure the content modeling of your custom types. You can place the Integration Field where it suits you best. Here are a couple of resources that you might find useful:

My question is also like the demo a saw at the crash course e-commerce with prismic and the demo site

Ok, I see, so what would you like to mimic from that sample site?
Would you like to see the Content Modeling of any Custom Types in particular?