Shopify Integrations Fields Question

Hi all,

I have just been checking out the Integration Fields with a Shopify Store. I have managed to hook everything up as expected in the user guides and I have data coming through to my Gatsby frontend to display on a page.

However I am a bit stuck in terms of adding an item to a cart or proceeding to a checkout as the data coming through doesn't include anything that looks like a checkout link or similar.

I would appreciate if anyone has gone this path to explain what I ought to be doing next?



Hey Andrew, thanks for reaching out!

Integration fields enables you to search through your catalog or external API to choose a product or a resource with all the details about each one.

For the checkout, I recommend you to take a look at the Shopify Checkout API documentation for developers. There you'll find all the info yo need to manage your checkout cart!

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[Update from private dm]

  1. The IDs of the product items need to be unique and not be repeated, (the Integration field isn't case sensitive)
  2. Valid image urls need to be provided

Thanks for the quick response to this. Not quite what I was hoping for, but an answer none the less! :slight_smile:

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