Questions about Shopify integration field

I have a couple of questions regarding the Shopify integration field:

When pulling in a product through the integration field, is the resulting page content fully indexable by Google?

Shopify has the Buy Button functionality built into their platform. Being able to embed that product into an existing page. The link that is generated is basically an iframe from what I understand. Does the Prismic Shopify integration facilitate pulling in that button too?

I think Shopify + Prismic has incredible potential for retailers who are taking a content-strategy approach to business.

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Hi @fuzenco,

Thanks for reaching out and your interest in Prismic + Shopify integration.

I'm gathering some info information about the subject and will get back to you once I have the answers.


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Sounds great. Thank you.

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So, I have got some information about those questions:

For indexing: Google won’t index the API. Instead, Google would index the site where the API is used. If someone makes a page for each Shopify product pulled from an Integration Field, then it will be indexed.

And regarding the Buy Button:
There are different ways to integrate Shopify on a front end. The Buy Button is the most straightforward.

Integration Fields just provide you with the metadata for the product, including its product ID. That ID is used to connect with Shopify integrations, like the Buy Button or JS Buy SDK.

Please let me know if you have any further questions,

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Thank you for addressing both questions.

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