Shopify Integration: Ability to link to product pages using the rich text editor

Feature Idea:
Using the Rich Text Editor I would like to be able to link to a Shopify product page using the "Select link" option

Issue that it solves:
Currently I have to go find the URL of the Shopify product page and paste it into the "Link to web.." option, it would be faster if I could find the product using Prismic's Shopify integration to search the product catalog and link to the product page that way.


Hey, thank you for reaching out.

That would be an interesting feature to add to the Integration fields.

I've added this thread as an open feature request.
If the product team moves. If/when the product team has any news about this feature request, we'll communicate it in this thread.

If you need anything else, let us know!

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Not everyone uses Shopify, so this is a bit niche. Integration fields is probably the way to go.

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In my current situatoin I need the text in pink to link to Shopify product pages. Its hard to setup the design in the screenshot with just integration field, unless there's another way I'm not thinking of.


I'm thinking maybe adding a Link field would be helpful, below each product, add the link to the product page, and then add it to the product name in your Front-End code

Something like this:

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