Ecommerce Setup with Shopify, Prismic and Subscriptions

Hey all,

I have a complex ecomm site coming up where I want to combine Shopify with Prismic and Gatsby.

  1. I just signed up for the integration fields beta, is this still in development or a recommended way of using Shopify with Prismic?
  2. A basic Shopify/Prismic/Gatsby setup does not seem to cause any trouble, but I need to include subscriptions (with recharge, which is a pain to use with shopify alone imo and is not really made for a more modern workflow from what I know). Does anyone has experience with doing that?

Thank you

Edit: Haven’t tried it, but found this chat on Spectrum re Recharge and Gatsby if anyone is interested, but this has nothing to do with Prismic:

Hey Christian,

Thanks for reaching out about this and eager to hear more about your complex e-commerce website.

  1. The Integration Fields are still in beta at the moment. We have some final touches to put for the automatic billing, but we’re already working on the next iteration. The feature is stable however and we have a number of e-commerce websites that are live and leveraging Prismic 's Integration Fields with Shopify such as Zwift for instance. So this absolutely the way we would recommend for you to use those tools in tandem.
  2. The subscriptions part is outside of Prismic’s scope. Sorry I cant’ help you more with that, but hopefully, the community might have some ideas :grinning:
    Here at Prismic we use Stripe to handle all self-service subscriptions.

Thank you Adrien, I’ve already been in touch with one of your colleagues.


Hello Adrien,

I’m considering using the same stack. However, still don’t know why it shows poor performance score on Google Lighthouse.

Hi Ammar,

Welcome to the community!

When it comes to a lighthouse score there are many variables that come in to play to create the final score and the majority of those are to do with how the web application is implemented and deployed.

So that being said without us having intricate knowledge of how this project is built we can’t tell you exactly what the cause of the lighthouse score would be.


Quick question more on the Shopify integration, is it possible to have different connections between locales?

Hey Kevin, welcome to the forum!

It is not possible to have that kind of setup. Currently you can have one Integration field that is shared in all locales.