Show / Hide Fields Dynamically base on Select Dropdown


Our growing slices have a number of select fields.

It's becoming challenging to continue to add fields to slices and not knowing which fields relate to selected options because there is no option to show / hide fields.

UI / UX is becoming cluttered.

I saw there was a feature request about dynamic content fields and what was given as a temporary solution was Slice Machine tabs. This solution is not sufficient in the long run.

Is there a feature for developer to modify the UI base on selected options in select field dropdown?

Thank you.

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Hello @charlotte.lopez, yes, in Slice Machine, this is solved using Variations, not tabs. They allow you to choose between different versions of the same Slice. Check out the documentation here:

For the moment, Slice Machine doesn't officially support Gatsby. Although you could get it working if you're interested: How to use Slice Machine with Gatsby today. Please keep in mind that this isn't yet considered an alpha version of the integration, but it can help you get it working with a bit more configuration if you are willing to add it to your project as a test.

I hope this is helpful.

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Thanks for reply and link @Pau, much appreciated.

Is there a feature request to be able to dynamically modify fields or only show fields related to select option?

Hey @charlotte.lopez, we're always happy to help out.
For the moment, this is only possible with Slice Machine.