Show Off Your Prismic Site and Shine in Our Showcase!

Show Off Your Prismic Site and Shine in Our Showcase!

There's something incredible about watching your creation come to life. If you've built a site using Prismic that you're especially proud of, we want to help you show it off! In an effort to recognize the excellent work done by our community, we're expanding our Prismic Showcase. This means your website could be seen by future clients, potential employers, and the whole Prismic community. Keen to get involved? Read on to learn how.

Why Join the Prismic Showcase?

The Prismic Showcase. is a curated collection of impressive websites created using Prismic. It offers a well-deserved platform to recognize the talented teams behind these creations while also fueling inspiration for others in the communtiy.

If your site catches our attention and gets chosen, here's what's in store for you:

  • Prominent Exposure: Your site will earn its rightful place in our Prismic Showcase, where potential clients, employers, and the whole Prismic community will see it!
  • Community Shoutout: We'll acknowledge your hard work at the next Product Meetup
  • Show and Tell: Get an exclusive invitation to present your work during our new Show and Tell event series.
  • Forum Recognition: Receive a unique badge on our forum, recognizing your contribution.
  • Swag Pack: Who knows, you might even find some cool Prismic swag delivered to your doorstep!
  • Newsletter Feature: Finally, your site will be shared with our community through our brand new community newsletter. (coming soon)

How to Get Involved

Ready to submit your website? Here’s what you need to do:

Steps to Submit:

Make a post on LinkedIn or Twitter and include:

:one: The URL of your Prismic site and a short description, and
:two: Tag us at Prismic

Thats it! :partying_face:

Want to earn some Bonus Points?

  • Use the hashtag #headlesswebsitebuilder to help us and others find your post easily.
  • Share the # of Slices used to build your site for additional brownie points.
  • If you have a Hire a Developer page with us, don't forget to share that too!

We are genuinely excited to see your Prismic-built websites and the creative ways you have used our platform. So don't wait, grab this opportunity and let your work shine in the Prismic Showcase!

One last thing, we ask that you please bear in mind that while we'd love to feature everyone, not all submissions will be chosen and some may not be included immediately. However, if your site grabs our attention, we will reach out to you.


Erik and the Prismic Team