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It’s time to show off what you’ve built with Prismic!

We’ve seen some incredible sites being built with Prismic and we want to help spread the word. Share what you’ve build here in the forum, inspire others, and gain a chance to be featured on the Prismic site and socials.

How to Share:

Create a new topic and include the following to describe your project:

  1. Website URL

  2. A screen shot of the site

  3. Technologies used (Framework, Deployment Platform, etc)

  4. Industry ( Software, E-comm, Marketing, etc)

  5. Utilizes Slice Machine?

  6. Time to build

  7. An interesting feature or challenge you solved for

  8. Lastly, be sure to use the tag showcase and post!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve built!
Erik and the Prismic Team

here is one of them

Based on Gatsby with Prismic headless cms, hosted on Netlify and Stripe for the checkout out of the box.

Using all the slice components potential to make her edit pages with components she choose to cook with. Modularity is the key to be able to create unique pages.

Joanna Spadiliero is a graphic designer mastering type design, identity, edition.

Builds take about 1m30s.

The coolest feature is the index in the end, which has an automatic grid to make different asset ratio fit by rows. It need some recursive calculation to make every row fit the edges of the page.

The result is a non repetitive grid giving it an organic feel.

Slices where the key to giver here the tools needed to compose stories.

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New project online for the lighting design studio.

Based on prismic headless cms in order to use their slice modular components to compose pages. Here for the projects section where various components where required: full image, grid images, textes.


These sites are fantastic! Love that infinite horizontal scrolling on Owl Studio!

Is each project on the homepage a slice? Or are you querying certain projects and displaying them?

Really top notch stuff, Atmet!

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Nice work, @atmet.ghazi! I'm a big fan of the avant-garde design of both sites.

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Several custom types a queried on the home page, the projects have just summary card.
On click I load the slices. The user needs to go to a project directly with deep url.
That way we prevent duplicate content on the home page and project page.
Slices are great, modular templating. Liberty to story tell.

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Designed by Julien Correia

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