[Slice Contest Entry] Restaurant Slices

After working with Slice Machine, I'm really really really excited at the workflow it presents and it seems like a fantastic way to build stuff, combining the best of design systems and component principles with a headless CMS to model the content.

As part of my contest entry, I've built a set of components and slices that are meant for a restaurant site, allowing easy creation of a menu, testimonials from patrons, attractive photography and more. Everything is powered by TailwindCSS and can be customized heavily.

My Repo: https://github.com/syedahmedhussaini/prismic-slice-machine-entry
My Storybook: https://prismic-slice-machine-entry.vercel.app/



Thanks for your submission Syed! You're in~

Winners will be announced tonight during our product meetup and in a later blog post: https://hopin.com/events/november-product-meet-up

Thanks Lucie. The video sessions prior to the deadline were super helpful. Thanks again for setting those up!

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