Single loop GIF's not looping as expected


I've created this GIF that executes one loop and does not loop forever in the way that most GIF's do. These normally work as expected in code and have worked in the past using Prismic, however, I'm now finding that when I'm uploading these GIF's to the Prismic media library, that they are being converted to GIF's that are looping forever. Does anyone know a way around this? I'm resorting to using MP4's at the moment but it's not an ideal solution.


Hello @alex.hek. I'm not sure why this is happening and if it depends on Prismic or something else. I'll ask for opinions from the team. I'll share what we find asap.

Hello @alex.hek. We looked into this and it appears that AVIF (or at least, the technology that our Image Optimisation feature uses to create AVIFs) does not support any repetition settings yet, which is why loop doesn't work when it's set on Imgix side. We opened an issue on our end, and we'll also update our documentation. For now, we would recommend serving these as a GIF when loop is enabled.