[Slice Contest Entry] With Love Charity - Template

We believe that SliceMachine is the entry point and stepping stone towards Prismic Templates - allowing developers to create beautifully styled websites easily with a click of a button.

As WITH LOVE INTERNET, we wanted to create a complete example to demonstrate Prismic’s SliceMachine incredible capabilities. We hope that this example helps the community and Prismic develop and expand.

We created this base charity website template as our entry to the slice contest and as an expression of our love for purpose-driven organizations and community outreach.

#with :heart: internet

Demo: https://with-love-charity.vercel.app/
Github: https://github.com/withloveinternet/with-love-charity
Storybook: https://with-love-charity.netlify.app/


Hey @bob, this is looking really great!

I confirm you that your entry has been taken into account for #SliceContest, as explained in the post, winners will be announced tomorrow during our Monthly Product Meetup: https://hopin.com/events/november-product-meet-up.

Have no worries if you cannot make it, winners will also be announced on our blog in the following days~


Hey @lihbr,

Great! looking forward to the Monthly Product Meetup!


Bob Singor