Slicemachine component Tailwind style not working

Currently I’m testing slice machine to move one of my project, so far I love it, but I reach an issue.
I have two components:

  • Header menu bar
  • Hero custom slicemachine component

In my tailwind.config I have the path ‘slices/**/*.vue’, to include as content in the purge css.

The issue
If I run npm run dev everything looks nice, but when I run npm run generate it removes the style of the slicemachine component.
I try with other components that are not part of the slice machine and they work great like the header bar, but only the slice machine one brings this issue.
I attach an screenshot of the site in netlify

Any ideas, I’m missing somthing?

Does this help? `vue-essentials` conflict with TailwindCSS

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Thank you for that, it works, I also remove the style from Slicemachine, since I will work only with custom components.
Thank you for that.

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