Slicemachine slice not working propperly?

I made a slice with geolocation and pushed it to prismic with the a random map cordination. But when I preview it on localhost300 it says ''Template slice, update me!''

I don't understand it because it also does this when I'm using other components like this:

I'm using Next.js

Hello @sadiki, thanks for reaching out.
You probably need to update the code of your Slice component.

Hi @Pau , I have updated the component even on custom type and pushed it to prismic.It's also marked as synced. I'm not sure where else to look?

I can't see the Geopoint field in your screenshot. Is it in another Slice?
You need to make sure you're adding the SliceZone component to render them in your pages.
Are you using Nuxt or Next?
Can you show us the component code?

Hi @Pau ,

You where right the first time It seems. I needed to update the slice component with the code snipit provided in slicemachine. Totally overlooked that part. Thank for your response !

I'm glad you were able to sort it out. Let us know if we can help you with anything else!