Slow or unresponsive Prismic content editing web app

Hello, I am suddenly experiencing slowness and unresponsiveness to the prismic editing web app. After logging in, nothing is accessible or clickable till like 20secs of waiting. I have tried different browsers(chrome and Edge) and still have the same experience. Could this be only on my end or the operating system?

Hello @Micheal,

Thanks for reaching out to us! :slightly_smiling_face:

I could not reproduce it & I also tested on Chrome and Edge, as you stated. Could you share more information like your repository URL, errors on the console or the network tab, if any, and maybe a loom video or a screen recording of the flow?

You can send it via DM if you prefer.


Hey @racheal.orukele, thank you for reaching out. I recorded a loom video here and Repo URL

I hope it helps explain the situation.

Thanks again

I checked on my end using your repository & I'm still unable to reproduce the issue. Can you check for any logs or errors on the console or the network tab?