[Solved] Remove some result from tag


Is it possible for me to remove some tag as it is not anymore in used?


No, see the bottom of this documentation: https://intercom.help/prismicio/en/articles/2690038-prismic-s-default-tagging-system

Prismic currently doesn’t have any sort of tag management management system. This means that you need to be careful when adding tags to your documents because you can’t delete or modify a tag after it’s been created.

You’ll need to note the following:

  • You can’t permanently remove tags from the system, even if you remove a given tag from all documents.
  • You can’t modify a tag after it’s been created.

Hi Team,

I believe the above documentation is out of date. We created a fix for the tags in the default tagging system, this fix means they will automatically be removed if they are no longer used in any documents.

We’ll need to update this document.

@likhit_prismic-custo Can you send me a private message with the URL of your repo so I can check this for you? Some older repos might not have received this update.



That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know :+1:

Update: If you have any archived or planned documents using the tags, then you will also delete those to clear the tags.

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Hi Everyone,

Quick update for older repositories, removing a tag from all documents should now remove it completely from the repository.