Some data seems suddenly deleted in my prismic dashboard


I realised that all the contents entered in a "Group field" of my customType Menu have all disappeared :exploding_head:

I first checked if someone had modified this content in prismic, but as expected the last modification goes back to January 5th and in any case does not concern this part.

I double checked on the last generation nuxt.js (I use it in SSG mode), it dates from January 20th and contains the data, which means that they were still existing at that date. (Fortunately locked publish)

I also try to going back in the history's modifications of Menu, and it's like content had never existed.
The only thing remaining of the data is the number of instantiated fields in the group, either currently on the dashboard or in the change history

The custom types that were linked still exist and their last modifications were made more than 6 months ago. In any case, the "CTA title" field is not linked to any custom types and has also suffered data loss.

Hello @allan.raquin_alphaca, thanks for reaching out. Would it be possible to get the master ref of the queries stored in the nuxt SSG? that way, we can run a query in that version and check if the content is still there.

This standard error occurs when repositories try to migrate their content models from the Legacy Builder to Slice Machine or vice versa. Was this the case for you?

@Pau Thanks for your feedback,

I used the explorer API, and could find the content. I noticed something else, the data was normally in a blog_category field's ID. And indeed, when I look in the code, blog_category is retrieved, and not "CTA title" and "CTA link", as shown in the prismic's screenshot in my first post.

By cross-checking the time of commits and netlify build's, I suppose this is due to my switch from slice-machine-ui ^0.3.7 to 0.6.1 .
Looking at the .json files of the previous menu customTypes, I noticed that the /menu/index.json file described the fields "CTA title" and "CTA link" and not "blog_category".

So it seems that there was a desynchronisation between git and prismic some times ago, and then, when installing slice-machine-ui 0.6.1, I was forced to resynchronise all components/slices because they were all marked as "modified". At that moment, the content type on prismic was probably updated, following the wrong .json description.

I ended up putting back the right field in my custom type and the data reappeared, however I do not explain this desynchronisation that would have taken place some month ago. If my guess was correct.

Thanks for sharing your updates, @allan.raquin_alphaca.

Yes, synchronization between commits is crucial for Slice Machine to work effectively between teams. It is true that if a field gets deleted from a custom type and then readded, the content should remain there afterward.