Specific Prismic Env returns Status Code 500 on Gridsome integration

Hi @phil, @levi, @Priyanka, @fares,@sam,

Two colleagues and I were working on a project which uses Gridsome, GraphQL in combination with Prismic. At some random point this morning everyone that was working on it, got a status code 500 when trying to run the application locally with 'gridsome develop'. When we change our environment credentials to the production prismic environment, everything runs fine, but the development API seems broken.

Anyone has gotten this issue and knows a solution?

Also our netlify build fails with the same error message:


Hey, welcome to the Community.

Have you tested your API response separately? If it's successful maybe it's not related to the GraphQL endpoint of your repo.

Could you share with me the URL of your repo?

@Paulina the URL of our repo is: waterluxe-dev.prismic.io

Issue is fixed, the Regex for the choices in slices was not valid for one slice. I do want to say that there was no error give and we could save the custom type, the JSON was actually valid. But apparently there some rules to the names you give your slice choices. The issue was the name of a slice choice: "Page banner", which should be "page_banner".

Anyways, it's solved now..

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Ok thanks for sharing this with us. If you have any additional questions let us know :star2:

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