Tags in the GraphQL API

Hi Phil,

I've been looking to implement custom tagging after the announcement that the current prismic tagging system is being deprecated. We use the GraphQL API at Aucspace and I would like access to this feature of querying groups. Just looking for a pointer on what road to take as it's only about 10 days until tagging will stop working on our site with the forthcoming API changes.

I suppose with no other option I could switch and make a Rest API call for the tags, but I would far prefer not to mix paradigms.


Hi Neil,

The changes to the Tags don't affect the GraphQL API, tags are still delivered in the document level in GraphQL and the REST API.

The changes for tags pertain to CDN level API response, which you can see here for our slice-machine repo, this was never available in GraphQL so doesn't change anything in that sense.

The global tags API would be accessed the same way as this CDN level response, so you would still need to make a Rest API call for all tags used in a repo the old way as well.

So again if you're getting tags on the document level in GraphQL nothing will change.

I hope this helps calms a few fears.