Toolbar side loading unneeded Google font Source Code Pro

Hello @Agata, there isn’t any news for the moment. Did you see a different behavior of the toolbar recently?

Hello @Pau, thank you for the response. The toolbar as stated before is making an API call to Google Fonts, which I'm trying to avoid now. But it is not different, it was like this before.

I understand.

Whenever we make updates to this feature we'll update this same thread.

@Agata My company's legal team refused to allow it, instead my team disabled the Prismic toolbar on our production deployments. We include it on our QA deployments and our content writers use that to preview and work on their edits.

@Pau or @Phil are you aware if anyone on your team looked into this issue? I wonder if it would be a greater priority now considering the recent legal case regarding Google Fonts in Germany, and developments in Austria and France against Google Analytics.

Thanks for the feedback. We look into every open issue in the backlog and we try to prioritize them based on demand.

Yes, please. This has been a problem for years. Such an easy fix. Please get it prioritised.

We've shared your feedback with the relevant team. Whenever we have news about this we'll let you know in this same thread.


This is frustrating, please fix this, it is a small item.

Hello @nevers, I'll share your concern with the dev team.
We have plans to revamp the toolbar so this will probably be fixed as soon as we release a new version.

Just wanted to bump this as well. As for GDPR-reasons we're not allowed to use Google Fonts. Should we re-develop the whole website because we're loading fonts that we don't need? :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll share it with the team.
We hope to be able to resolve this issue soon so that this is no longer a roadblock.

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