UID issues in editor

Been seeing a small problem in prismic repo with SM enabled. When I create a document with a required UID, the UID is field is being kind of buggy in the editor. Sometimes it gives me a validation error message saying the ID already exists in another document even though I know for a fact that it does not. This blocks the save button from being enabled because the page thinks there is an error. The error message usually goes away if I click around the page a little or if I delete some letters and retype it, but I have experienced that the save button is still disabled even after the error goes away. This is not a critical issue, as I can usually get it to work by clearing the field and retyping it, but it is a little buggy and pretty annoying.

Hey Shawn,

So Prismic saves all the previous UID values of a given document so that your old links won’t be broken on your site when you change a UID value. This can make it unclear which document has the UID in it's history. The following document will show you how to find the document and free up the UID:

The document with the UID in it's history will appear with it's current UID.


That is good information to know, thank you. I could have sworn that I saw this on an ID that I had never used before though...but I can't say for sure at this point. I will run some tests and see. Thanks again.

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