Unable to create Full Static Generate With Prismic and Nuxt 3

Hi there,
I want to know if there's any method we can generate full HTML build in Nuxt 3 with Prismic package. I was using Nuxt 2 for my previous project and when I generated the site it build full static generate which doesn't request Prismic server/API and HTML files had all the data. I am using Nuxt 3 and now even after running generate it sill fetch content from live API. is there any way I can generate HTML file which doesn't require Prismic API after generate and host it on Netlify. It should be like HTML files not a SPA.

Hey @jaswinder, I'll ask the DevX team and come back asap.

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The team sent me this: You're probably looking for the "Full static Feature," which isn't available in Nuxt 3 yet. Check out the following link:


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