Unable to login to Prismic dashboard via Github authentication


Currently, I am unable to log in to my Prismic dashboard. Originally when I had set up the account I used Github to authenticate. Well, long story short I converted my business Github user into an organization. This disables the ability to actually log in to the account and thus I cannot authenticate anymore.

I tried to reset my Prismic password and it just routes me to the Github site. Has anyone encountered this same issue? If so how were you able to resolve it?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @devmatt3, thanks for reaching out. Can you please send us the email linked to your GitHub repository?

Hey @Pau ,

I sent a DM to you yesterday on this :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, I just followed up in the same DM with the email associated with my Github account.

Thanks @devmatt3, I've shared it with the dev team. They mention this is an issue that occurs when switching to an organization account. Read GitHub's official docs about this limitation:


What you can do is create a new account and we can help you transfer ownership of your repositories to the new one.

@Pau Yes unfortunately I did not think of this when switching over. Can you please transfer all repos to the user account attached to devmatt3@gmail.com?

I'm going to reach out to the team to see what's the best identity verification process to help you recover your repositories.

Ok perfect! Thank you!

Hey @Pau , do you have any updates on this? I currently need to make changes to the cms but unable to since I can't log in.

Hey @devmatt3. Not yet. I'll come back as soon as I have news from the team.

Hey, @Pau do you have any updates on this?

Hello @devmatt3, This is the process we need to follow. We need to receive a formal request via email from the admin active user from the repo with the following info:

  • the repository ID
  • the user that shall be promoted, owner
  • an email confirmation from another administrator that the owner shall be transferred - to send to accounting@prismic.io

If you have active payments we will remove the configured Credit Card for security reasons, Therefore the new owner will need to update your credit card information and let us know when done. Let me know if the procedure above is feasible from your side, and we can then proceed.

Perfect, thank you so much!

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