Unable to preview .heic media files in media library

I have image files uploaded to Prismic media library in .heic format but I am unable to preview them - Upon clicking, It just shows a blank screen. I tried using both Safari and Chrome; both showed similar results:

This issue does not occur for other image file types like png / jpg.

I only discovered this as I was cleaning up my media library to remove unused media. Any advice please? Thank you!

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for posting this. Indeed, heic is not a supported filetype. However, it would be good for us to block it since that's the case. I'll submit some feedback to our team to ask them to either (a) support heic or (b) block it.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the response. I really hope the team can support this as I airdrop my files directly from my iOS device; blocking it will prove a big inconvenience :pray:


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Hey Ryan,

In the meantime, I would recommend a converter. This is the one I use:

(Personally, the HEIC format drives me crazy :sweat_smile: )



Great! Thanks for sharing :)