Unpublish a page programatically

Hi Prismic team,

I have a unique project I am working on, one that requires me to programmatically unpublish a page when a certain front-end action has been met. Is this a possibility within Prismic? If not, are there recommended systems that allow you to do this easily?

To provide more context, my client runs a non-profit that accepts donations for specific requests. This system allows her team of writers to create pages detailing the specific request, and the donation amount. Once fulfilled by a donator on the front end, I need to unpublish the page.

I have read other posts on how Prismic does not offer a write API, and I totally understand the concepts and values presented. As you can imagine this non-profit's budget significantly restricts our options, so if this is not possible in Prismic, are there other recommendations to explore that could keep the budget low?

Thank you for your help & insight!

Hey @kolbykruger, as you've mentioned. Prismic doesn't have POST requests for documents. We do have a Write API for integration fields. I'm not sure if this covers your use case, but maybe it'll be worth trying!

Here'sre the official docs: