Usability issues with preformatted text blocks and labels

I have a StructuredText / Rich text in my document. If I apply a label to the entire block it makes the text unreadable. See the attached screenshot.

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 22.22.11

Hi Ben,
I’m not sure I understood your question! are you applying a label to be able to style a text block using Prismic HTML serialiser?

Can you please give us some more info about the use case and the technology you are trying to use to be able to help.


Sorry @Fares, I wasn’t clear.
This is a usability problem in the writing room. Preformatted text blocks have a dark background and white text. Applying a label changes the background to pale yellow, but the text remains white and becomes unreadable.

Thank you @benembery for reporting this issue and the clarifications, I’ve been able to reproduce the issue and turns out that it is a known issue, so I will update the issue in our issue tracker and we will get back to you once we get some info.