User activity logging, alerts, blocking access and IP restrictions

Hello, I have some quesitons from a client related to Prismic's security features and I'm wondering if someone can help. I can't find info on these from the public content.

Does Prismic implement any CMS authenticaiton logging? e.g. for authenticated user activity: changing passwords, last log in time and date etc?

Will Prismic block access to users after X failed login attempts?

Can we access Prismic's access logs in a format that can be used with a log analysis tool like Splunk?

These aren't features I've seen as part of Prismic's non-enterprise plans. Are they available only with the enterprise plan?


Hi @prismic33 ,

Like you've seen SSO is not available on non-enterprise plans.

A solution you can use here would be to have your users use Github logins to login to Primsic.