Users changed from Admin to Writer after upgrade (Publish disabled)

We had this functionality working but suddenly today we don't have anymore the option to Publish now. We only see a dropdown with publish under a release options whenever we click the publish button.

I assume this is a bug, but we need to solve this asap. Can you help us?

Hi Team,

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I'll try and debug this with you. It sounds like someone has changed your user role from "Publisher" to "Writer", are you the Admin on your repository?


Hi again,

I checked your repository settings for Mmhmm Website and you are indeed set as a writer. You can reach out to your repo Admin Ryan Warner and he can change your user role to publisher.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


Thank you. That indeed solves the issue.
Now: none of us changed the permissions of any of our users. We just upgraded the plan to the next tier and all users were downgraded automatically to writer. Can you look into that? It is very strange.

I'll check with the team to see what could have happened and get back to you most likely sometime tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi Team,

So what happened here is that your repository was previously on one of our smaller plans which don't have 'User Roles'. This means that everyone was considered an Admin. So once you repository was upgraded to medium, anyone who was an Admin was moved to the newly available Writer role.

This is by design, to give clear feedback on the fact that 'User Roles' have been activated by showing 'Publish Now' as 'disabled' and that after the upgrade they'll need to contact the repo owner to edit the user roles.

Our product designer doesn't have a strong opinion either way to allow either Admin or Writer after upgrade, but moving 'non-owner' users to 'writers' we can allow everyone to realise the roles have changed as described above.

Let me know if you have any further questions about this.


Thank you for the answer.

Unfortunately, the feedback of disabling the Publish now button without any more information is not enough. It feels like a bug. A solution to this would be to display a UI notification to the person that upgraded the plans, telling "you have now user roles in your team" and let them chose what to do with them, if downgrading them or keeping them as admins. If you dont give them the option at least tell them what happened. If would be also very useful to display a UI notification to every person whose role has been downgraded, telling something like "You are now a writer, if you need higher permissions please contact your admin".

In our specific situation, we were in the middle of a shipping deadline and suddenly none of our teammates could publish anything. We couldn't publish on time and we had no way to know why. This needs to be addressed differently.

I agree, I definitely feel this could be clearer. An notification like you've suggested would work well I feel and would save confusion for any users in your position in the future.

I apologise on behalf of the team for the confusion and the time that you lost with this.

I've passed your feedback to the product team and we'll track this as a feature request. If/when we have any movement or any further questions about this we'll update this thread.


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

If you have another use-case for this feature, you can 'Flag' this topic to reopen. Please use the :heart: button to show your support for the feature and check out our Feature Request Guidelines.