What can administrators that are not repository-owners change?

I've been exploring Prismic for a few days and apart from this one last uncertainty, I'm ready to start moving my clients over. I'm amazed at how easy it is to work with, especially from an editor perspective!

What's not completely clear to me, is what other users can access in the settings. Most of my clients are teams of 1 - 3 people, so often I won't be using a professional plan where I can give them roles, but a starter or small plan. Somewhere in the docs is says that on those plans, all users are administrators, but can't access billing.

Does that mean my not-so-technical clients can transfer ownership of the repository? Delete it? Remove preview settings? Or is that somethings that's only available to the repository owner?

And if so, is there anything else to do about that except warn them not to and hope for the best?

Thanks for clarifying!

Hi @maloua ,

Welcome to the community! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying your experience so far :slight_smile:

So, for serious changes to the repo, like transfer of ownership or repo deletion, only the repo owner can perform these actions.

For more minor changes like editing preview settings, yes, you will have to have a level of trust that your users won't edit anything they don't understand after you've explained that to them.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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