Using the Assets API to PATCH image data


I have reviewed the documentation for the Assets API found here -> Asset API Technical Reference - Documentation - Prismic, and been able to GET image data, but that's pretty much where it ends.
The documentation is not clear on how to GET more, if not all data for a particular image. It mentions making use of the cursor ID, but that is not the image ID so how would a person target a single image? I'm also then looking to retrieve the alt text field for the image, which does not seems to be available. Ultimately, I would then like to update (PATCH) the alt text for a particular image via the API. Any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Never mind... Actually found out that the alt text property wont display when empty. Where it does have a value, the property and value will display. I was then able to update images just fine with the PATCH endpoint.

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Hi @adj

Glad the PATCH worked for you as expected.

I wanted to also make you aware of one new (and soon to be documented) parameter for GET queries that might help you in the future:
Use GET to search for text in the title, filename, alt text, notes or credits properties of a media item.

Best, Alaina