VanillaJS ? => StencilJS (standards-compliant web component compiler)

Hi there!

In your doc, you mention that VanillaJS project is not recommended and JS frameworks use is strongly recommended. I'd like to challenge this statement as (a web component compiler) makes it possible to build a production app in vanilla JS (standards-compliant web component, Stencil - A Compiler for Web Components - Stencil). Stenciljs is the compiler developed to build the ionic framework (UI web components) among others.

Hi Nicolas,

This is a very interesting idea, although for a library like this you would need to explicitly provide fetch with the Prismic client:

npm i node-fetch
import fetch from 'node-fetch'
const client = prismic.createClient("repo-name"
  { fetch }

We haven't tested this yet, have you successfully tried this?