'Video embed' field not picking video parameters

I am on an enterprise plan and am trying to embed Vimeo video but the 'video embed' field is not picking the parameter that I am adding at the end of the video URL -

Parameters like - &background=1, allow="autoplay", etc. The parameters are not reflecting in the frontend. When inspecting it is showing

Hello @richa, could you please share with us the entire URL you're embedding so we can try it out on our end? Please note that the Embed field only accepts valid oEmbed URLs

Here is the code -

Parameter added is &background=1. When I preview the page with this video URL the parameter does not work

Sharing the video url screenshot as well -

Hi Pau,

Here is the URL -


Hey @richa, thanks for sending over the details.

This is happening because you're using the html value of the Embed response. I can see that this field doesn't apply the background=1 parameter that you need. You need to use the embed_url and paste in it an iframe in your app.

<iframe id="inlineFrameExample"
    title="Inline Frame Example"

Thanks @Pau I have shared this with my tech team to implement. Will soon let you know if the solution worked or not.

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Sounds good, let me know if anything else comes up :wink:

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