Vimeo embed thumbnail url is wrong

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It seems Vimeo has changed the way they handle the thumbnail urls a few days / weeks ago.
I now have all my thumbnail urls displaying the default one because the urls I get from prismic are wrong.
Here is what I get :

I'll give you one example, the url I should get for my thumbnail is the following :

And what I get from prismic is this one :

Looks like the id has changed :slight_smile:

Hi @romain,

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Can you please list the embed field that is returning the wrong thumbnail, an example of the broken thumbnail from Prismic and not from vimeocdn, and your repository name (in a private message if possible).

In fact, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue, and here is my test:

I've added a Vimeo video to an embed field in Prismic and fetch the document using the API, and the thumbnail seems correct.

"video": {
"provider_name": "Vimeo",
"provider_url": "",
"type": "video",
"version": "1.0",
"title": "Sample Video",
"author_name": "Sergio Santos",
"author_url": "",
"is_plus": "0",
"account_type": "enterprise",
"html": "<iframe src=\";app_id=122963\" width=\"426\" height=\"240\" frameborder=\"0\" allow=\"autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture\" allowfullscreen title=\"Sample Video\"></iframe>",
"width": 426,
"height": 240,
"duration": 62,
"description": "Sample video.",
"thumbnail_url": "",
"thumbnail_width": 295,
"thumbnail_height": 166,
"thumbnail_url_with_play_button": "",
"upload_date": "2019-07-09 12:18:31",
"video_id": 347119375,
"uri": "/videos/347119375",
"embed_url": ""

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi Fares,

Thanks for your time. It actually seems like it is an issue from the plugin gatsby-source-prismic after upgrading it to the latest version. I posted an issue on their github instead :slight_smile:

I should have verified with an api call before posting, sorry about that

Have a nice day

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