Embed field loading the wrong thumbnail


He have a document type that has an embed field where we load videos from Vimeo. Everything was working fine, but recently we starting seeing an issue with the new videos. The thumbnail image returns the wrong size.

These are the videos in Vimeo, all with the same thumbnail size or proportion

Letter W: https://vimeo.com/664838846 OK
Letter X: https://vimeo.com/694893911 WRONG SIZE
Letter X2: https://vimeo.com/711397272 WRONG SIZE (This even has the same image used for video 664838846)

If you use the same video for both documents, the thumbnails load fine.

This is the response for video W

thumbnail_url: 'https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/1345679939-61f804070422ec6509cf4e652c470883fd2c257e4e5d93d979642641003826f9-d_640',
thumbnail_width: 640,
thumbnail_height: 360,

And this is the response for the Video X, even tho I'm using the same image

thumbnail_url: 'https://i.vimeocdn.com/video/1434579483-ef20d5312140e80fe92d0fa491415606eb785d892f729d83d8279f319fa5d9e7-d_295x166',
thumbnail_width: 295,
thumbnail_height: 166,

I also tried uploading new images to Vimeo to see if that made any differences but the size is still wrong

Any ideas ?

Thank you

Hi @levijesica,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

If I understood correctly, the issue is not Prismic, as those thumbnails reside on Vimeo CDN and still, they don't have the correct dimensions :

And if that is the case, then I advise you to post this question on Vimeos community, and it would be great if you could update this thread if you find the solution for the benefit of the community.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance,

Hi and thank you. I contacted Vimeo and they told me this. Can you please help me check if there's something we can do from your side?
Vimeo response:

Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear about this issue. It looks like you’re using a third party player to embed your videos — this is likely the cause of the problem you’re seeing.

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide support for any players outside of Vimeo. In order to best troubleshoot this issue, please contact the admin of the third party player you're using. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi is there any news about this? I need to fix this asap please!

Hi! I hope you're doing very well! Can you please help me figure out what's happening? All the older videos I uploaded to Prismic (pasting the URL of the video) looked great with the right dimensions of the image cover. And with all the latest videos the cover images are coming out smaller with the wrong dimensions. Something clearly changed and I'd like to fix this so everything looks right. From Vimeo they told me I should talk to you since you're the one taking the data from them. Could you please tell me how are you obtaining the data from Vimeo so I tell them?

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @levijesica,

I'm really sorry, but there is nothing we can do from our side; the issue is clearly from Vimeo.

Letter W: Vimeo OK
Letter X: Vimeo WRONG SIZE

By looking at those two images, it is clear that those URLs don't come from Prismic but from Vimeo because the thumbnails are hosted on their servers, and obviously, it is an issue that should be corrected on their side.

Thank you so much Fares. I'll get back to them now with this information. Quick question: do you have more info that can be helpful for them to check this? Maybe how do you take the data from them with the Vimeo URL? So they can see if they can get to the core of the problem...
Because they asked if I could put the embed code instead of the URL... so if there's something that can help them spot this easier let me know :slight_smile:

Well as the issue is not from Prismic, I'm not sure if there is any information we can add from our side :thinking: