Video selection in media field in new page editor has no thumbnail

hey, in the new page builder, when I have a media field, and wanna select a video, they are not shown correctly yet, first I thought it's not displayed at all, but the issue is, that there is no thumbnail for videos, so they shrink to a really small and invisible button (I added a border in the screenshot)
it's not really ideal obviously, because a client cannot see which video he selects
I would suggest as a quick fix, there is an option to use a frame of a video as image source like this maybe: javascript - Dynamically using the first frame as poster in HTML5 video? - Stack Overflow (just append time in seconds #t={seconds} to source URL)

Hi @jankohlbach,

Thanks for raising this issue. I'll raise it with the team and see if we can quickly action that quick fix. I'll let you know on this thread once I have an update.


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