View a list of pages that references a document

I’m making a few changes to the content in my site, namely splitting what has become a large page into a few smaller pages to make it quicker to get to the right content.

I would really like a way of being able to see which pages reference the previous document, which is now a directory for all the sub-pages, so I can update those links if necessary.

A feature request, maybe?

Hey Max,

So you want someway to create some sort of references as a way not to lose SEO juice, is that right?

I’m not too concerned about SEO right now. It’s just to I can make sure the links are relevant for users.

Old sitemap

  • Home
    • Products <-- Had a page linking to here, referencing product 2
      • Product 1
      • Product 2

New sitemap

  • Home
    • Products
      • Category 1
        • Product 1
      • Category 2 <-- Want link to point here instead
        • Product 2

So, say I have a link on a blog or something, which talks about Product 2, I’d like a quick way to see all the pages that link to the product page so I can update them to the more relevant Category page where relevant.

Does that make sense?

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OK the quickest way would be to run a query by the link field in the API browser. That way you can find all docs currently referencing this Product and note them down

Would this help?