Find & replace in all pages

hey team,
working for a client in Prismic I’ve found that it’s a huge pain in the butt when we need to find instances of a term, such as the company’s name, throughout the content we’re publishing with Prismic.
It would be really useful to have a “find & replace” feature that searches all content (or filter by page type, etc.) and allows us to quickly make changes. Just like how a good IDE can find & replace in all files within a project!
hope that makes sense, and hope to see this soon.

Hi @jeremy.t.chevallier

Welcome to the Prismic community.

I have created a feature request regarding this, but I'm still not sure about the feasibility of such a feature.

Note that you can achieve what you are trying to do by using the Import/Export feature by exporting your document, making the modifications, and then importing the same documents again; knowing that this feature is available starting with medium plans