Webhooks - Sending a payload body?

Hi everyone,

I am hoping to create a webhook to hit a workflow dispatch event (which then triggers a re-build of our Gatsby site) as per the docs here: Actions - GitHub Docs

This endpoint requires 'ref' to be set in the body, however Prismic's Webhooks interface doesn't provide a way to send body parameters.

Is there a way to do this or do I have to set up a proxy?

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Hi Mike, welcome :slight_smile:

I'm a user trying to get something very similar going myself.
From my looking it seems that repository_dispatch is the better fit for what you're trying to do.

Check here:

Hi there! I've already been down the road with repository_dispatch however it's only helpful for dispatches made on the default branch, whereas I need to trigger a deploy on another branch

Looks like the team are focussing on improving webhooks this week.
I've requested they include what you're suggesting. See how it goes.

Being tracked as an open feature request in the other thread.