Using webhooks to fire Github action

Hi All,

I'm trying to use Github Actions to be fired when a user publishes a release in Prismic.

I've got my Webhook setup pointing to the dispatches api at GitHub

I've got my secret all setup but all I'm getting is a 404 from the prismic side saying it can't find the url.

Has anyone achieved this as I'm beginning to pull my hair out now.

Thanks in advance,

Hey Tom, unfortunately we do not yet have a working example / doc that shows you how to do this. How are you trying to manage this on your end?

I'm thinking the way it's done is by adding a middleware between a Prismic webhook and the platform (Github) and sending the payload directly.

We're currently planning on supporting custom headers and body to be able to have an integration with github actions and other platform webhooks. We do not have a rough ETA for this integration but it is in our plans.

Hopefully someone in the community has done something similar and can share some more info with us

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