Webhook for Github


I'm trying to set up a webhook that will trigger a github action. The github action builds and deploys my side. I've followed the instructions in these two posts:

-Using webhooks to fire Github action - #6 by Fares
-Setting Authorization Header in Webhooks

Still getting a 404 or 422 error. I noticed that the payload comes from prismic with event type rather than event_type, is that what is causing it?

Just pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. If anyone has done it before and might no where I am going wrong, I would really appreciate the help. I'm trying to follow the steps in the two articles above but keep getting that error when I test out the webhook.


Hey Conner,

What did you set the 'key' and 'value' for your headers in Primsic as?


I've also just been playing with this same workflow. Unfortunately it looks like the prismic payload isn't compatible with the current Github dispatch endpoint :frowning:

It's not just the mismatch between type and event_type, github also won't accept secret, and other extra fields…

Welcome to the community, Daniel.

Thanks for the extra info, I'm going to report this to the team as a Request For Change, if/when we have any updates we'll let you know here.


This is an issue that I was tracking for around 1.5years in Prismic. I saw many requests on this topic from various users. I send the same in feedback email as well. I still don't see any solutions.

Is it something Prismic planning to do? Is there any realistic timeline?


Hi @subin01,

We are tracking this in our backlog, but due to other high-priority tasks, we cannot get to it just yet. We will of course provide you with an update as soon as possible.



@Phil Any update on this issue?

Hi @nishuarora.nishant,

This is still being tracked as a feature request, but there has been no movement in terms of priority.