Setting Authorization Header in Webhooks

Hi, I want to set Authorization header in my webhook. How can we do that?

Hi @lghai, I’m not sure about this, so I’ll pass it to the @team-tech-support to see if they can help you with this. Someone there will get back to you as soon as they pick this up from their queue.

What was the outcome of this?

@juj @lghai This is still in the @team-tech-support queue, so it hasn’t been forgotten or lost. I just sent a message reminding the dev team about this, so hopefully they will address it soon and get back to you.

Okey :+1:

Would love to know if there are any plans to allow us to add our own headers and payload to the webhook request. Right now I can not connect the Prismic webhook directly to Github Actions. Instead I have to use a lambda function in-between that can put the “secret” into an authentication header and add the required payload.