Website for Keepit

We just launched the new website for Keepit - Dedicated Cloud Data Protection for all SaaS apps. We are using (many) slices to give the content editors maximum freedom when creating new articles and content.
The static website is generated with a (custom) PHP script triggered by a webhook from Prismic.

Check it out here:

Looks great thanks for submitting it, I just added it to Showcase of Awesome Prismic Websites
It doesn't happen often that I see PHP coming up for Prismic sites, can you share more about why you picked PHP for this project?
Cheers, and happy friday!

Hi, thanks. I build all my sites like this. It's simple, reliant and super fast. When publishing from Prismic the content is ready on the server within a few seconds (even large websites are built in 1-2 seconds after the Prismic API call). Some clients just use that server for their website, others sync to AWS etc.

The PHP script is fairly simple, just creating all the folders and files needed with the relevant modules/slices. Just like you would in Next and similar. But in this way my front-end code is untouched and I'm not forced to work with a specific framework.