When will legacy slices be removed?

I'm currently evaluating CMS options for a basic marketing website that I manage. I've used Prismic in the past and loved the simplicity and the in-browser editing of content.

I was surprised to see that Prismic is now focused entirely on fullstack frameworks like NextJS. In my mind a CMS should be framework-agnostic, and even language-agnostic.

The main selling point of Prismic for me was the dashboard being easy to use and having reusable slices. It sounds like that feature is going away unless I completely rebuild my entire frontend react project with NextJS. I've been trying to find more information on when/if legacy slices will be removed from the dashboard, but all I can find is that Prismic tries to push you away from using anything other than the one framework that matches your SPA framework. It also mentions that the legacy builder will be replaced with slice machine.

Outside of being completely baffled at this decision, my question is when will the legacy builder be removed? What is that process going to look like? Will my project just have all legacy slices removed one day? Will I be able to opt out of features that lock you in to a framework?

I want to choose Prismic, but this direction has me looking for an alternative CMS that respects my right to choose what technology I use.

Hi Jacob,

The short answer to all your questions is that legacy Slices and the legacy builder won't be going away; much like v1 of the API, these are all now deprecated, which means they won't receive new updates, but they won't go away.

You can still connect with whatever technology you please with the available development kits.