Will we lose our legacy slices?

I have seen a thread on here stating that legacy slices will not be removed When will legacy slices be removed?

However we got a pop up yesterday saying 'Starting June 21, access to the legacy editor will be deprecated. You won't be able to access the legacy editor for this repository. Please ensure all your work is transitioned accordingly'

Please can you confirm if we will be able to use our legacy slices or not? We have 2 separate repositories and have only had this pop up on one of them

Many thanks


Hi Everyone,

Your legacy Slices will still continue to work with the new page builder.

There's nothing to do on your side :slight_smile:


Hi Phil,

With legacy editor being removed from jun 21. I just wanted to make sure if we would still be able to completely mange content model, fields, slices through (old) web editor.


Hey @nikola.jovanovic,

There is no problem with legacy content. The new Page Builder is fully backward-compatible, and you'll still be able to content with your old models.


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