New editor: Adding Slice-Zone missing?

Is it just me or is the new content editor missing the add/remove feature for Slice-Zones? If so, why and could I set the older editor as a default?


I think this is actually unrelated (enabling legacy builder). On new repositories you can "enable legacy builder" to build document types like was done in the past, but editing individual documents now defaults to a new editor version.

That being said, I personally much prefer the legacy document building.

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Facing the same issue! We cannot add slices to new documents in the new builder.

@leopold You are right.
I deleted my comment.

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Hey Team,

So, in the new builder this button :heavy_plus_sign: has been moved to the table of Slices on the side which shows previews of all the Slices:

If you're not seeing this, then it's probably because you have legacy Slices (pre-slice machine). We will be rolling out an update this week, so you'll have a representation of the legacy Slices in the side panel and can add new ones. :tada:

We are also working on an upgrade tool so users will be able to upgrade legacy slices to the new format. :man_construction_worker:

For anyone who wants me to reenable the legacy editor by default, you can send me your repo URL here, and I'll process that for you :slight_smile:


Thanks, if the update arrives soon, then there is no need :slight_smile:

A bit of a side-note, but I wanted to mention it somewhere. If a document type has many tabs (I am for example working on things that have 7 tabs), they look quiet bad (cramped) in the new editor. In case you want to add an internal issue regarding that.


We would like to have the legacy builder enabled as default if that is possible.
Repo is

I would also like to second Leopolds side-note regarding the tabs. In our case it makes some documents unusable, as the tabs push the "Save" / "Publish" buttons out of the page.

What a coincidence!I was stucked for four days and now i know it isn't my issue.

how long it will go? i was waiting for 4 days~

The tabs in the new UI has been marked as a place for improvement already :slight_smile:

As for when we'll have legacy Slices in the table on the side, we're looking at the end of the week for that release.

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Hey @Phil

Can I go back to the legacy builder as default if that possible ?
I can't see my slices in documents :(

Here is my link :

Done :slight_smile:

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